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As both a Piano Technician and Musician, I am frustrated by the lack of variety in new pianos available today, with manufacturers chasing louder, harsher and more aggressive instruments. The modern shiny black piano is a homogenised and largely streamlined affair and although the glut of cheap mass produced pianos is making new piano ownership affordable it is also dramatically lowering quality and diversity.

Although this aggressive style of piano is well suited to concert halls matched with todays loud and fast culture of classical music, the vast majority of pianos are not on stages, they are played and enjoyed in homes and smaller, more personal settings.

I have designed and am currently prototyping an upright piano that seeks to buck the trend of aggressive and harsh instruments and hark back to a richer, beauty filled tone albeit in a thoroughly modern way using cutting edge design and technology. As a truly bespoke, hand crafted instrument it will be a work of art, both functional and beautiful. 

The production piano is to be entirely Australian made, here in Melbourne. Using locally sourced timbers, engineering products and parts where possible. Furthermore, the cabinet will showcase beautiful Australian timbers. It will be priced in line with comparable European pianos.

Features include -
-low tension scale and light soundboard matched with light and resilient hammers
-remarkably long string scale for size
-Full logarithmic scale on both bass and treble sections
-Steel frame – not cast iron
-WNG carbon fibre action parts
-Bridge agraffes and vertical hitch pins
-Modern styling
-Australian timbers for structural posts and case veneers

If you would like more information or to support this project, please get in touch.
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