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The cost of a piano restoration can vary greatly and all quotes are based on a thorough inspection and comprehensive list of work to be completed.

Below is a list of commonly offered services and rebuilding packages and price guidelines for grand pianos (upright piano packages also available at a considerably lower price).

Piano Regulation and Setup

  This service gets a piano playing as well as it can using all the existing parts. Great for modern pianos that haven't been serviced in a while or even brand new pianos that have had little or no pre-sale preparation work. 

  • Tuning until stable at concert pitch
  • Hammer filing and fitting to strings
  • Action lubrication
  • Voicing and regulating until stable
  • Thorough clean and detail of the whole piano
  • In home service post delivery
  • Ground floor Melbourne pick up and delivery
- $1,950.00
1-2 weeks pickup to delivery
Piano Regulation with Keyboard Refurbishment 

 The same as above with all new keyboard felts and key pins polished or replaced. 

- $2,750.00
1-2 weeks pickup to delivery

Modern Piano Rebuild
  For schools and individuals who have a high quality, but worn out workhorse piano. 
  • Full disassembly of piano
  • Complete action replacement
  • All keyboard, damper and pedal felts replaced
  • Iron frame removed and soundboard, case and brass fittings cleaned and polished
  • Restring with original pinblock and new agraffes
  • Tuned, voiced and regulated until stable
  • In home tuning post delivery
  • Follow up service to adjust new parts settling in
  • Ground floor Melbourne pick up and delivery

- $14,850.00
4-6 weeks pickup to delivery

Vintage Piano Rebuild
  This package is designed for an older piano with bridges and soundboard in good condition. 
  • Complete action replacement
  • Damper, pedal and keyboard felts replaced
  • Key tops replaced if necessary
  • Case refinished
  • Case hardware re-plated
  • Soundboard repaired and refinished
  • Iron frame refinished
  • Pinblock replaced
  • Full restring with new agraffes
  • Tuning, regulation and voicing until stable
  • In house service post delivery
  • Follow up service to adjust as new parts settle in
  • Ground floor Melbourne metro pick up and delivery
- $26,500
2-4 months pickup to delivery 

Complete Rebuild 

  This package brings a piano as close as it can realistically to brand new condition. It includes all the work listed in vintage piano rebuild package, along with a new soundboard and bridges installed and a new keyboard.

- $35,000
3-5 months pickup to delivery
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