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Piano restoration, also known as rebuilding, encompasses all repair work required to bring a piano back to a desired condition. 

After pulling the piano apart, a full restoration can be broken down into 3 categories - 

Belly work

  Belly work involves replacing or repairing the soundboard, bridges, pin block, refinishing the iron frame, and restringing the piano


  Refinishing starts with removing the existing finish, repairing or replacing any veneer or moulding damage and applying the colour and new finish, then cutting and hand polishing to the desired sheen.


  Action rebuilding involves repairing the action rails and frame where necessary, replacing all moving action parts including whippens, hammers and damper levers, polishing or replacing key pins, re-felting or completely replacing keys, installing new damper felts and re-felting the pedal system.


  Not all pianos require a full restoration, a piano case may only require a detailing rather than be completely refinished, or a modern piano in a school hall may only need strings, hammers and keyboard felts replaced to bring it back to the required performance level.

  The process of your tailored restoration starts with a thorough inspection of the instrument. We then discuss all of the possibilities for your piano and your expectations, then come up with a plan for the restoration. What will be replaced, what will be repaired and what will be reconditioned or left as it is. Where appropriate and possible we can redesign or modify the piano design to improve performance. 

  From this information, a comprehensive quote and timescale is provided. Once it is agreed to, the carrier picks up your piano and work commences in my fully equipped restoration workshop.


  Where appropriate I use factory original parts. Where original action parts are not available or practical I can offer all other available options on the market. The benefits and price differences of the options are thoroughly and transparently discussed at the time of quoting.

   I use Bolduc 5 ply or Delignit multi-ply pinblocks, bridge cap stock is Bolduc finely quartered rock maple. For the construction of bridge roots and structural parts I use personally selected European Beech and Rock Maple. I also offer soundboards constructed of Engelmann, white and Sitka Spruce to best compliment the original piano scale and design.

Refinishing and cabinet work

  High quality finishing services available include freshening up a tired old French polished case or stripping back the old finish to bare timber, repairing delaminated case parts, fixing chipped, lifting or missing veneer and applying a sprayed lacquer finish to bring your instruments appearance back to, or better than the day it first left the factory. 

  Iron frame refinishing begins by painstakingly removing all of the original finish. Then, automotive finishing products and traditional style bronzing powders are used to achieve a highly durable finish that resists chipping, has brilliant depth and looks fantastic.

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